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To Whom it May Concern, June 22, 2006

We write to acknowledge the good work of Makden Homes with regard to the recent renovation of our house. Architect Peter Trusch drew plans for extending our kitchen to afford the advantages of open indoor-outdoor living, good aspect, lots of light, and a modern kitchen-laundry. In addition, substantial maintenance was needed, including restumping, plumbing, rewiring, painting, and the re-establishment of the front balcony and veranda.

 We would like to draw attention to special ways in which Lynden Hunt, the project manager for Makden Homes, helped us accomplish these goals:

 1. A key feature of the renovation is the new floor that links the new and old sections of the house. We were advised that the boards could be fitted with beading to hide ugly gaps but this was not very satisfactory. Lynden purchased a special cutting tool that enabled him, exercising great skill, to secure the new floor without using any beading.

 2. We have a plunge pool- spa that we contemplated filling-in, partly because it is situated in the sunniest part of our small garden. Lynden offered another solution by establishing a sliding deck, which can be neatly rolled under the other part of the decking. We can easily cover the pool when we wish to use the space, offering many advantages.  

 3. Ugly sewerage pipes spoilt our Western courtyard. Lynden thought of an ingenious way of hiding these pipes within the new kitchen cabinets, a huge improvement at little extra cost.

 4. Our ducted heating had to be reconfigured. Lynden hid the return air vents under the stairs, working with the cabinetmaker to construct new additional vents in the existing woodwork that match the traditional look of the house.

 5. The new decking and privacy screen is beautifully constructed using timber slats to make an intriguing and eye-catching pattern.


Finally, we wish to note the patience and courtesy that Lynden and his team displayed. All the men were helpful, cheerful and very friendly to us. Lynden ensured that we were fully consulted at every stage in the process and that we understood the costs when making changes. Even after the final payment, he returned to check the quality of work and to help us with small problems, at no extra cost.

 David Tucker and Pam Thomas (Owners, 119 Hotham Street, East St Kilda, Victoria) 

June 23rd,2006


 Re: Refurbishment to residence at 119 Hotham Street, East St Kilda

 I have recently completed working alongside Makden Homes – with a close association with the principle, Lynden Hunt on this Residence Refurbishment.

It was an absolute delight to work on the project with Lynden where his eye for detail was very impressive.

The Project ran smoothly & efficiently and Lynden displayed

many qualities in relation to the building and construction on a continual basis:

He had a fantastic work ethic, with uncompromising dedication to the Project and Client.

A sound knowledge of the Building & Construction industry.
Excellent skills in performing all aspects of hands-on Carpentry.
Project Management ability, delivered the project on time.,
Superior Customer relations, Lynden eagerly  & confidentlycommunicated with the client in relation to the progress of the job.
Uncompromising quality of work.
An in depth understanding of the entire building process from design right through to the finishing touches of construction.


I hope to work with Lynden (Makden Homes) on future projects – particularly ones of this quality & calibre.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information.


Yours sincerely

Peter Trutsch

Design Director


Trusch Design Pty Ltd  – ph: 03 9515 0151 



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