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About Us

Modern & Traditional Home Builders

One of our very first clients intrusted us to build their very first home back in 1970. They lived happily in it for over 30 years. And from then, our approach and vision has remained the same. To ensure satifaction and exceed expectations on every project we build. Before we pick up a pencil to design, and long after the last nail has gone, our attention to quality and your complete satisfaction will always be our priority.


Award Winning

Our achievements over the past years is a true reflection of our quality and services that we provide to all our clients, but also to our people and every team member that we consider family



  • 2005 HIA Victorian Group Apprenticeship Scheme Awards – Host Trainer Award Winner 
  • 2006 HIA – CSR Victorian Housing Awards OH&S Apprentice Awards – Winners
  • 2006 HIA Green Smart Awords Finalist Home Renovation of the Year

Quality & Service

Building a new home is all about the choosing the right team of professionals to work with and understand that building your new home is all about your needs and requirements, so our relationships and what we bring is all part of that process. 

Excellent customer service and communication, Fair pricing and can-do attitude. Creative in dealing with challenging construction issues and Working effectively with parties and architects ensures quality and services all round.


Why Choose Us !

We make the process run smooth & seamless

Fair pricing and can-do attitude. Creative in dealing with challenging construction issues and nothing is a hassle.

Keeping it simple from start to finish is simple

Communications between all parties is plain and simple so everyone has a complete understanding from start to finish.

Good design leads to good homes

We ensure that the design process is right from the start so we can finish right at the end – we do not do BANDAID work – start right finsh right.


The Process

Design & Planning

Understanding your needs will determine the design, there’s no such thing as one design fits all. Good, creative design from the start is essential.


Once they design hs been determined then we can move forward with costings and quotes for your build, we will always accommodate your budget and spend.


Council permits are an essential cost that must be paid to the local Council before any project is stared. These cost can vary depending on the rates set by Council.


Practitioners and consumers are required to have a formal written contract which meets the requirements of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995.r

As an Accedited Builder and VDA Member, we will always provide a contract for each build.

Construction & Build
  1. Prepare construction site and pour foundation & Slab
  2. Construction & Installion of wall framing and roof trusses
  3. Installation pluming, drainage, electrical, HVAC & Heating
  4. Install insulation wall & Roof
  5. Complete plaster walls & interior textures, start exterior finishes brick work or cladding.
  6. Finish interior trim, install exterior driveways and walkways
  7. Install hard-surface flooring, countertops & all cabinetry
  8. install all fixtures & fittings, Install mirrors, shower doors / screen, finish flooring, finish exterior landscaping
  9. Final walkthrough & handover.

Inspections are performed at all stages and also during the entire construction process.

Our build quality is high end and our standards are above trade stadards, this is our Guarantee to you, with every part of the build process.

Hand Over

Hand over is a very special day and for all parties involved . For us it’s an expression of gratitute, and we want to thank you for choosing & Entrusting Makden Homes.

We will walk you through your new home to acquaint you with its features and the operation of various systems and components. We will also explain your responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep, as well as warranty coverage and procedures. 

After Care Checks

We wiull provide a Handover booklet that provides a detailed check list of all items that need to be maintained over time.


We can provide an adittional maintence contract that will provide you with piece of mind over the next 5 years that covers all maintence items.

Our credential

Registered, fully Liscenced and Accredited Builders
DBU 22096 | CDBU 49874

Warranties & Insurance

Statutory Builders Insurance & warranties cover all our Domestic works carried out by Makden Homes Pty Ltd


Get in Touch

We’re here to help and provide the best advice anytime !

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